Regressive punk rock from London and Southampton


Last-minute show in London, this Friday, 19 January!!!!!!!

We just booked on last minute for a show in London for Friday, 19 January. We’ll be at Nambucca supporting Anti-Vigilante. Darko is also on. It should definitely be a good show, so if you can make it out, we assure you that you’ll have a good time. See you there, and check out Darko in the video below.

Tickets here – £6


Slaves now on the bill for the show with Wonk Unit and Duncan Redmonds

8BitBear has unfortunately had to back out of the show on 2 February, but we are excited to now have London band, Slaves, taking their place. Slaves are a two person band with a singer who plays drums while standing up. Their music is great and should add a nice element to the show. And in case you have forgotten, Duncan goddamn Redmonds is playing drums for Wonk Unit, so you really don’t want to miss this one! Here are videos of Slaves and Wonk Unit to get you fired up!

New EP

Our new EP, ‘A Manly Ballet’ is finished and we’re being so nice we have made it available to listen to here! Check out our music page to have a listen!

Matt O’Donnell from Untapped Talent in Southampton did an amazing job engineering it all with his equipment which was more far more complex than we could understand. We give our wholehearted recommendation!

Recording sessions

We’ve just finished a day of recording at Untapped Talent Studios in Southampton, and we are really happy with what we accomplished today. We have the drum and bass tracks finished and nearly finished with the rhythm guitar for a seven song EP that we will be releasing soon! The sound engineer, Matt, has done a wonderful job with everything so far, making sure everything sounds as  good as it can. We should be able to wrap up tomorrow with some lead guitar and vocals, and maybe some additional layers of guitar. And here are some photos from the isolation booth:

Duncan fucking Redmonds!

As if a show with Wonk Unit isn’t enough to pull your asses off the sofa on a Saturday night, it turns out Duncan Redmonds is playing drums for Wonk Unit at the upcoming King Alfred show. Duncan is the drummer/singer for legendary UK punk band Snuff, as well as fronting Guns ‘n’ Wankers, Pot Kettle Black, and a recent album of collaborations called Bubble and Squeak, with some punk rock badasses like Fat Mike of NOFX. We’re pretty fucking excited about this, and you should be too! 2 February at King Alfred in Southampton.