Regressive punk rock from London and Southampton

Amazing show at Nambucca in London last night! Thanks to Darko and everyone who came!

A big thank you to everyone who came to last night’s show at Nambucca in London. There were proper mosh pits and some really enthusiastic new fans! To the 16 year-old kid rocking the Angelic Upstarts shirt talking to us about Snuff and Wonk Unit, you give us hope for the future in this world of music being devastated by the miserable likes of Lady Gaga and Dub Step. Unfortunately, we have zero record of the show last night, so if anyone who was there stumbles upon our site and has  photos or maybe even made a video, please send them to us!

Thanks again. We had a really good time. It was really cool to meet Darko too! Great guys and a great band. See you all at the next one in Southampton with Wonk Unit and Slaves!

-Mark, Paul and Scott


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